Cowley Club

Safer Spaces

We want this to be an open and welcoming space and to encourage an atmosphere of inclusivity and respect for others.

The Cowley Club is a social centre built on anarchist principles, which opposes authoritarianism and oppression in all forms, and exists to promote solidarity and co-operation.

It’s easy to be affected by the messed up society in which we all live and it is the responsibility of us all to challenge oppressive behaviours in ourselves, such as:

Safer Spaces Policy

The following behaviours will not be tolerated in the Club:

If you experience or witness behaviours that you feel contravene the Safer Spaces Policy, tell a volunteer on shift or someone you can trust, or if you feel able to, approach the person directly to talk about their behaviour. It is reasonable to ask people to leave the Cowley Club premises in certain circumstances – and the power to make this decision rests with the volunteers on shift.

As a longer term or more severe course of action, people can be temporarily barred or permanently banned from the Cowley Club. If you feel this is necessary contact ten.puesir@1noitaidemyelwoc‎ or ten.puesir@bulcyelwoc‎.

You won’t have to attend a General Meeting or meetings with the person you’re complaining about if you don’t want to.

You can read how we deal with disputes and allegations on the noticeboard to the left of the bar or download our guide to the process for dealing with disputes and allegations.