Cowley Club

Access Details for the Cowley Club

Access Details for the Cowley Club based on Sisters Against Disablement Access Codes


12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA (at beginning of London Road, near to St Peters Church, opposite Co-operative supermarket, next door to Oxfam).


Variable, usually 12-6pm Wednesdays-Friday, 7-11pm Wednesdays-Saturday, Sunday afternoons (phone to confirm). We have boards on the windows in the evenings, this doesn’t necessarily mean we are shut.

Telephone number

01273 696 104 (answered mainly when we are open).






Front – Double yellow lines, with double mark on pavement (no stopping at any time). Back – Residential permits required.

The nearest car park is at Providence Place.

Metered parking 100 metres up London Road (going north, away from St Peter’s Church) 9am-6pm maximum stay 2 hours.

The nearest free parking is in Hanover or behind the Duke of Yorks cinema (north from the club up London Road) or Park Crescent, next to The Level.

Public Transport


The nearest bus stop is London Road Shops, served by the following buses:


The main Brighton Station is 10 minutes walk away, up the hill from the club, via Trafalgar Street (no steps).


See Doors.


Front door (on London Road) opens outwards and can be stiff. Usually closed, ring bell or knock for entry. 88cm wide. Set 135cm in from street.

Back door (on Providence Place) opens inwards. 66cm wide. Then sloping smooth concrete floor for ten metres to yard. Step of 5cm to yard. Access to workshop space and disabled toilet is via yard.

Inside Building

Main Building

Ground floor. Slightly broken floor at entrance. Smooth wooden floorboards.

Workshop space (back building, ground floor)

Contains disabled toilet. Access via entrance through back door then yard. The key for the workshop space (and disabled toilet) can be requested from a volunteer in the main space.

Library (back building, first floor)

Accessible only by spiral staircase.

Kitchen (tiled)

Accessible only by 8 steps.


No lift. One step and 5 steps down then 9 steps up between front and back building. The back building is alternatively accessible by leaving the club, going round the block (2 minutes) and entering through the back door.


Three toilets

Disabled toilet Entrance via back of club. Double door to enter room, 112cm wide. Corridor to toilet 150cm wide. Door for toilet 83cm. Light on string, 119cm off ground.

Toilet One Cubicle door 60cm wide. From front, one step then 5 steps. From back through yard, nine steps.

Toilet Two Door 60cm wide, then two urinals and a cubicle with a door 60cm wide. Access from front one step, then 5 steps, then one step. From back yard through yard, nine steps.

Dimensions of Premises

The ground floor main space (shop) is all on one level. This is where events generally happen.

Floor Surfaces

Ground floor main space – wooden planked floor.


Varies depending on event – can be changed if required. There are different sets of lights, some on dimmers.


Bar stools and hard wooden chairs on ground floor, main space. Two sofas.


Heated in winter with central heating. In summer there are wall fans for ventilation.


In general, unfortunately there is no provision for fingerspelling, lip speakers, braille, or anything similar. Please contact us if you would like to arrange this.


Ask to speak with event co-ordinators or volunteers at the bar.


None usually.

Food and Drink

Cooked vegan food available when cafe is open (afternoons), with hot and cold drinks available. Alcohol/soft drinks/hot drinks/snacks (all vegan) available when bar is open (evenings).


Permitted in back garden, in front of workshop space.

Structure of Activities

Varies depending on event.

Other notes


Assistance dogs are welcome. Otherwise dogs are welcome in the back yard but not in the main space.

Accessibility Help

Please ask at the bar for a volunteer to offer assistance if needed. Feel free to call or email (01273 696 104 / ten.puesir@bulcyelwoc‎) to discuss accessibility further.