Cowley Club


The club is run entirely by people like you! Everyone gives their time for free and works together without bosses

There is lots of information here but if you have any further questions just get in touch with us, or one of the collectives directly

If you would like to help in the cafe or bar, talk to someone who is working and they’ll show you where to put your name down for your first shift on the rota

To volunteer for the bar you must be over 18 and a member of the 12 London Road Social Club

Once you have been helping out and attending meetings for about three months you can apply at a general meeting to become a member of the Cowley Club Co-operative. This co-op owns the building and makes all major decisions about the club. By becoming a member you have an equal say in the running of the whole project. This co-op has about 200 members and is different from the bar (12LRSC) co-op which has over 5000 members