Cowley Club


The Cowley Club is home to the 12 London Road Social Club (12LRSC), a private members club which organises the bar

We are a co-operative controlled by its members and run by volunteers.

The bar is open whenever we have the volunteers available, we aim for most weekends, for our community evening meals on Thursdays, and are always open when there is a gig on, or other events happening at the club in the evening, and during our legendary Sunday Roasts.


Our bar is licensed as a private members club, that’s why we keep the curtains closed and the front door covered. It’s also why you need to ring the bell and sign the book to come in when we’re serving, it’s like a secret speakeasy in the middle of London Road!

Members of 12LRSC and their guests are welcome to attend – fill out this form to join, or ask our volunteers when you’re here

Vegan drinks and a friendly atmosphere

We have a range of vegan beers and ciders available. On tap we offer Bedlam Pilsner, Bedlam Pale Ale, and Stowford Press, as well as a regularly changing guest ale. Our fridge is stocked with bottles from near and far including original Czech Budvar, local ale Hepworth Sussex (gluten-free), Peroni, Peroni (gluten-free), Becks Blue (alcohol-free) and much more. If you’ve a taste for the vino, there’s Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot from Proudly Vegan Wines (even the glue on the label is vegan!). We’ve a vast range of soft drinks including Club Maté and Fritz Cola. We also have a quality selection of spirits and mixers to satisfy whatever your tastes

The Bar Collective meets on the second Monday of every month at 7pm – new volunteers are always welcome. No experience is necessary, we will teach you everything you need to know – email bulc.yelwoc@evitcellocrab‎ for more information 🍻

Why a private members club?

Well it’s a lot easier to get a certificate to supply alcohol in a private members club than it is to get a licence to supply alcohol to the public. If you want to buy a building to open a public bar, you will generally have to buy premises which have already been used for the purpose. These are likely to be very expensive and anyway, we wanted a place that would be more than just a bar. The private members option was simpler and more realistic.

The Bar Collective can be contacted at bulc.yelwoc@evitcellocrab