Cowley Club

Welcome to The Cowley Club

Crowdfunder 2021 – Save The Cowley Club

We’ve made it this far thanks to our tireless volunteers and the support of our community, but we need your help to make it through the next few months and keep The Cowley Club going until we can open up again! We’re crowdfunding just short of £5,000 to ensure we’re still here once we make it through lockdown and the pandemic, so we can get back to doing what we’ve been doing since 2003, and keep on getting better!


Maintenance 2020

We are performing some maintenance on the club to get ready to reopen in a limited capacity towards the end of August, starting with the cafe and bookshop. We’re getting up and running from tomorrow, 8th August 2020


Cowley Club meetings update

It has been brought to our attention that a group not affiliated with The Cowley Club have announced their intention to hold a General Meeting on Monday (18th May). We would like to make it clear that this meeting will NOT be taking place


General Meetings

Due to the current lockdown, and the club’s decision to remain closed to prevent the spread of infection, we are unable to hold meetings as usual. However, we still have work to do, and will continue to hold our general meetings on the usual schedule online, as well as collective meetings where necessary


Temporary closure, we will return!

Because of the current uncertainty, and because we care about our community a lot more than the government does, we have reluctantly decided the best course of action in these uncertain times is to close the club for a short while. This means ALL events (both open and private) in the main space and library over the next couple of weeks are postponed or cancelled, we will be reassessing regularly and hope this is just a short term disruption