Cowley Club

Welcome to The Cowley Club

Vegan Afternoon Tea

Now we're allowed to welcome folks back inside our cafe, we're adding a touch of class (war)! Join us for another Afternoon Tea and (hopefully) soak up some sunshine in our beautiful garden!


Happy Birthday Harry!

Today marks what would have been the 130th birthday of the legendary figure our club is named for, the one and only Harry Cowley. To celebrate the occasion, we've compiled a comprehensive history of the guv'nor, his life, work and legacy


2021 Benefit Mixtape

Curated by Tadpole Records, the Cowley Club 2021 benefit mixtape is available now for ‘pay what you feel’ download! Featuring over 50 tracks of punk, hardcore, crust, d-beat, anarcho-punk and more from bands across the world, with some exclusive tracks you won’t hear anywhere else, all in support of The Cowley Club


We made it!

We are still accepting donations, and any further cash raised, once we’ve paid off some bills and debts, will go towards making some long overdue repairs of our PA system, which our Ents collective have been ably contending with for years now, to enable us to put on more and better quality live music events once we can finally reopen

We aren’t the only space that needs support however, there are other spaces who are similarly struggling and we hope you can show them the same support we have been lucky enough to receive since we launched our crowdfunder a mere four days ago. If you know of any other anarchist projects that are looking for support, please comment below so we can share them