Cowley Club

Summer Maintenance 2022

It's that time of year where we briefly close the doors and get scrubbing, drilling, hammering and fixing up the club for another year of subversive chatter and raucous parties!

But that doesn't mean we're taking the summer off, the Cowley Crew will be down here hard at work most days working on those jobs we've not been able to get to for the rest of the year, and we want your help - there's jobs big and small, some requiring specific skills (electricians and builders, please make yourself known) and others that anyone can do, you'll probably learn something new and have a plentiful supply of vegan biscuits to keep you going

The Mutual Aid Vegan Foodbank and Benefits Information Exchange will be open as usual throughout August, usual entry from the back door on Providence Place

Get in touch with ten.puesir@bulcyelwoc‎ to find out when our volunteers will be at the club and come down to give us a hand