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Hands off our Homes: Solidarity Meal and Køpi talk

Sunday 26th September 2021
18:00 - 22:30
Donations on the door, dinner £5
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12LRSC Members and Guests welcome

Gentrification strikes again and this time our comrades from Køpi are under attack! We are pretty sure that Brightonians can relate to how capitalism always tries to take away our homes and drive folks away from their communities

Hands off our Homes: Solidarity Meal and Køpi talk

Køpi has been occupied for more than 30 years and It has been and still is a symbol of the radical left counterculture in Berlin and the rest of Europe. Now the Køpi trailerpark has been notified with an eviction order and it means that police can show up anytime and destroy the homes of people and communities that keep Køpi alive.

The Wagenplatz is home to over 70 people and it’s a place for many collectives to organise, meet and create.

The Køpi struggles is not just about Køpi or gentrification in Berlin, but it is about all of us and about the constant state of attack working class communities and vulnerable people are in, wince they cannot serve capitalism. Your worth is measured in how much you can buy and how much money you dispose of.

That is why we are honoured to host our comrades from Køpi to share with us their story. Let this be an occasion to think about what it is happening in Brighton and how gentrification is changing our lives.

There will be food from 6pm and the talk will start from 7pm. The proceeds from the meal will be used to contribute to the travel expenses of our comrades from Berlin. Please attend and share this widely. Solidarity is our strongest weapon and we need tonight back as hard as we can.

United we stand, divided we fall!


How you can help? attend this event and keep the topic of Køpiplatz open and visible! Spread the word in your communities, cities, streets! Follow Køpiplatz via twitter, website, telegram, blog.

Donate: ten.731ipeok@troppusipeok