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What is the Post-Internet Far Right?

Wednesday 17th November 2021
19:00 - 23:00
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Join the hosts of anti-racist podcast "12 Rules for What" as they discuss their new book: Post-Internet Far Right. Organised by The Cowley Club and Dywizjon 161

What is the Post-Internet Far Right?

The far right has changed. Since the rise of the internet, it has scattered, diversified, and stuck itself back together. The internet has facilitated these tendencies, filtering and contorting familiar forms of activity and ideology, and pushed far-right groups to adapt, causing the decline of some formations and the break-up of others.

It has not gone away. Rather, it has produced new configurations of tactics, priorities, and goals. Those who have survived the arrival of the internet have found a greater capacity to exert power than at any point since the Second World War.

It is incumbent on anti-fascists to reassess the situation, and, if necessary, change their organising to confront a different enemy.

We will discuss broader changes on the far right in age of the internet, and talk specifically about the new organisational forms we face today.

You can probably also get a copy of the book if you haven’t got it yet.