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Vegan Beer Festival 2024

Saturday 25th May 2024
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Come and join us for Brighton's one and only vegan beer festival, we a selection of delicious beers, ciders and more from up and down the country

Vegan Beer Festival 2024

Whether you are vegan, trying to reduce your consumption of animal products, or just love best beer, we have something in store for you. We are dedicated to proving that vegan beer doesn't have to be 'weird', and is every bit as good as any other beer. With a wider selection of styles, both on tap and in cans, we'll have something for everyone, no matter what your preferences.

We'll even have a good selection of low alcohol and alcohol free brews for those trying to cut back on alcohol, and a selection of lovely vegan food and snacks.

Everyone (18+) is welcome, so come down, join the fun and have a lovely weekend with us!

Why vegan beer?

It's an obvious question to ask when you see a vegan beer festival - why would we do that??

We think there are lots of good reasons, which we'll detail below

1. Why not?

With modern brewing methods, there is really absolutely no reason for beer not to be vegan. In fact (and at risk of spoiling our USP!), many of the beers you will drink in your day to day life will accidentally be vegan, and you'd never know it.

2. It's kinder!

This one is pretty obvious, and probably the first thing many people think about when they hear about veganism. It reduces harm to non-human animals, and helps contribute towards reducing the harm we cause to other inhabitants of this planet. Even if you haven't decided to commit to being fully vegan in your day to day life, every step that you take can help a little.

3. It's better for the planet!

Aside from the harm it causes animals, the meat industry is catastrophic to the environment. Even if you didn't care about animals, veganism can help towards keeping the world livable for all of us.

4. It's better for you!

While we wouldn't presume to declare beer a health food (sadly!), there is a strong and well-evidenced correlation between the reduction in the consumption of animal products and improved health outcomes. And there will be plenty of delicious, healthy vegan snacks available over the weekend.

So, whatever your reasons are - or even if you don't have one and just want to drink some delicious beer, then come on down and try it out. No one will judge you or preach to you, and everyone is welcome - everyone's journey has to start somewhere, and if it isn't for you, then you've still got to have some amazing beers.