Cowley Club

Lasagne Night

Thursday 16th May 2024
19:00 - 22:00
Benefit For
Ringo Housing Cooperative
Members and Guests
12LRSC Members and Guests welcome

Come support a local housing cooperative and enjoy some tasty, authentic vegan lasagne

Lasagne Night

Ringo Housing Cooperative is a fully-mutual anarchist housing cooperative based in Brighton, and has been active since 1999, dedicated to providing affordable and secure housing to individuals and families dedicated to direct action, social and environmental progress, animal rights, and working class, neurodivergent, disabled, LGBTQ and POC members of the community

After 25 years in a 140 year old house, there is inevitably a lot of work required and no available options for traditional forms of funding, so come and eat lasagne to raise some cash and help your local anarchists avoid another winter of draughty nights!