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Italy: Struggle against prison regime 41 bis

Wednesday 19th April 2023
19:00 - 22:00
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Brighton ABC and travelling comrades
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12LRSC Members and Guests welcome

Film screening and talk with Brighton Anarchist Black Cross

Italy: Struggle against prison regime 41 bis

It's almost 6 month of hunger strike which Alfredo Cospito, an anarchist prisoner, is conducting to get out from the regime of 41 bis (the italian super max prison): 'Life in this regime is not life'. The Italian state refused his request and explicitly showed a face of democracy that is generally hidden

Departing from the struggle of Alfredo the Milanese collective OLGa will speak about this regime of torture created for the mafia phenomenon and then extended to political prisoners. This shows the increasing repression of the anarchist movement within a broader worsening of the prisoners conditions