Cowley Club

Ceschi / Ceiling Demons / 2econd Class Citizen / Reindeer

Saturday 16th October 2021
19:30 - 02:00
£6 members / £7 guests
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Cowley Club
Members and Guests
12LRSC Members and Guests welcome

Brighton Punx Picnic have the absolute pleasure to bring you an evening of exquisite hip hop!

Ceschi / Ceiling Demons / 2econd Class Citizen / Reindeer


We have been waiting for Ceschi to play the Club for almost a year now and we cannot wait. This artist is a genius of song writing, hip hop and folk punk. He will most definitely leave you with your mouth open wanting to hear more of his music. Hoping he will be able to make it across the pond, we keep our fingers crossed for this show to finally go ahead.

Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons are an alternative art-rap band from Richmond, North Yorkshire. They aim to strike your heartstrings with their intense and chaotic performances touching on themes of love and loss. Definitely their time on stage will feel more like an art installations than a gig and we love it!

2econd Class Citizen

Brighton based 2econd Class Citizen makes folk music for the digital age. Sometimes psychedelic, often complex and always moving, his sound is hard to define but easy to fall in love with.


His music is poignant and his words are dark but evocative. Follow Reindeer in his world made of sounds and words and soon you will see a whole new reality, through Reindeer's eyes and voice.



£6 on the door

If you are skint we are not going to be pissy about it, but if you then drink the bar dry even though you were claiming you had no money, we can potentially get upset. For fucks sake, the man has just come all the way from the US.