Cowley Club

We made it!

We are still accepting donations, and any further cash raised, once we’ve paid off some bills and debts, will go towards making some long overdue repairs of our PA system, which our Ents collective have been ably contending with for years now, to enable us to put on more and better quality live music events once we can finally reopen

We aren’t the only space that needs support however, there are other spaces who are similarly struggling and we hope you can show them the same support we have been lucky enough to receive since we launched our crowdfunder a mere four days ago. If you know of any other anarchist projects that are looking for support, please comment below so we can share them

Thank you to every one of our beautiful supporters who have contributed to keeping The Cowley Club up and running! This past year has been tough for our volunteers, isolated from our comrades and community, unable to hold the events the club does best, facing uncertainty and a minority who want to see us fail. But with your support and generosity we are still here, and will continue to be for a long time to come