Cowley Club

General Meetings

Due to the current lockdown, and the club’s decision to remain closed to prevent the spread of infection, we are unable to hold meetings as usual. However, we still have work to do, and will continue to hold our general meetings on the usual schedule online, as well as collective meetings where necessary

Update: We are hosting our general meeting again on 1st June online – please get in touch for the link and with any agenda points you would like to discuss. We appreciate that online meetings are not as accessible as our usual GMs to a large number of people, if you would still like to contribute you are welcome to send us your thoughts to be incorporated into any discussion on your behalf

Tonight’s general meeting will be going ahead as scheduled at 18:30, and all future meetings until we are able to resume meeting in face-to-face. May’s GM on 04/05/2020 will also follow this format, and we expect this will continue for some time yet. We will announce when regular meetings at the club are able to resume

If you would like to be involved, please contact us for a link and include any points you would like to add to the agenda – please do so with plenty of time to spare to be sure there is time to get connected and account for technical difficulties

Stay safe, stay home if you can, and leave no one behind!