Cowley Club

Cowley Club meetings update

It has been brought to our attention that a group not affiliated with The Cowley Club have announced their intention to hold a General Meeting on Monday (18th May). We would like to make it clear that this meeting will NOT be taking place

As publicised here on our website, our general meetings take place on the first Monday of every month, and have continued remotely dealing with current admin and maintenance issues due to the pandemic while the club is closed. We are also introducing an additional monthly meeting from June in order that we are able to communicate with our supporter groups and volunteers while the club is closed – more details on that will be send out to our supporter groups shortly

If anyone would like to participate in our meetings, please contact the club directly and we will be happy to invite you along. If you have any questions, proposals or comments, we always welcome communication via email (ten.puesir@bulcyelwoc‎), or through direct messages on social media