Cowley Club

Harpie / DM Rice / Jessie Golding / Ragdoll

Sunday 10th March 2024
19:00 - 23:00
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£5 members / £6 guests
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Cowley Club
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12LRSC Members and Guests welcome

Queer rock, indie, pop and folk!

Harpie / DM Rice / Jessie Golding / Ragdoll


Harpie “The Devil's Wings” is an independent queer rock musician, whose music draws inspiration from various mythological beings to create her unique persona. Harpie was born and raised in the middle of nowhere South West England, and has been making music from a young age. With a unique blend of 60s pop, punk rock, and folk influences, Harpie's music is both raw and emotional, exploring themes of identity, unapologetic queerness, and personal transformation.

Jessie Golding

Jessie Golding is a solo artist sometimes seen accompanied by The Silver Boys, her backing band. Her dreamy approach to bedroom pop invites comparison to the likes of Mitski, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. She is frequently featured at local events around Brighton in venues such as The Gladstone, The Southern Belle, and The Lewes Rd Inn.

D.M. Rice

D.M. Rice is a non-binary writer and musician from Texas, now based in the UK. They have developed a unique approach to folk music which draws from folk punk, Omaha indie, and various iterations of contemporary experimental music. In 2023, D.M. released five albums worth of material, and has previously performed around London, Brighton, and Essex.


Ragdoll is a post-rock two piece comprised of Tamblyn Sturgess and Freddie Haggar. Recent performance venues include Rossi Bar, Green Door Store, and The Windmill, Brixton.