Vegan Pancake Day

5th March 2019 @ 11:00 – 21:00

Yessss…. We are doing it again this year…. Get ready for an all day vegan Tuesday pancake marathon…

Sweet for breakfast , savoury for lunch and sweet again in the evening? Or the other way round? Up to you.

You can have pancakes for breakfast , lunch and dinner. Lucky you.

There will be many exciting flavours and combinations to try out and spoil your taste buds with. Let’s go crazy trying and stuffing our faces with vegan yumminess.

There will be soup, cakes and raw chocolates as well if you are not such a pancake monster.

There will be gluten-free options too.

Let’s not forget about those on the breadline. We will be collecting donations on the day for our vegan foodbank. Please bring some beans, rice, pasta, plant milks etc or just donate cash into our collection tin on the counter.