Queer AF Film Screening – “Born in Flames”

15th December 2019 @ 19:00 – 23:00

Come join us for a film and some popcorn, followed by the opportunity to socialise and to get to know each other better.

The film we will be screening is Lizzie Borden’s intersectional feminist and dyke classic ‘Born in Flames’ (1983).

Description of the film (sorry, it’s taken from the New Yorker but we thought it was a pretty good one):

“The film is a work of political science fiction, set in an unspecified future that’s seemingly identical to the time of its making, in which—ten years after the “Social Democratic War of Liberation,” a peaceful socialist revolution—the fractures beneath the surface of the new policies come to the fore and New York women plot a revolution within the revolution.

The leader of the Army is a black activist, Adelaide Norris (Jean Satterfield), who works with an elder theorist, Zella Wylie (played by the writer and activist Flo Kennedy). Zella’s vision of the movement is global, tactical, and (where necessary) violent, and under her guidance Adelaide gets involved with revolutionary women in the Spanish Sahara. Upon returning to New York, Adelaide dies in police custody; her death is officially labelled a suicide, but others in the movement believe that she was murdered and seek to expose the coverup.”