Nausea Bomb / Pog / Men Fatale / The Babes

15th October 2017 @ 19:00 – 23:00

Nausea Bomb (France)

Nausea Bomb spread their music in a blend of punk and psychobilly, with ska, oi! , surf music, country, celtic folk influences.

With their mixed vocals, double bass and energy on stage, they presented them in different european tours, it gave a motivation to go to play as far as possible. Whatever the venue, big stages, little bars, stinky squats, in the street or catacombs… only do the party together matters !Just coming back from South America, North Africa in Morocco…soon in the UK and in Brasil ! 


Pog are a folk/punk band that set tales of everyday failure to disarmingly catchy acoustic soundtracks

The Babes (London)

The Babes are a group of misfits that play Pogue’s type music adding a new style with snotty, two fingers in the air Punk Rock with bagpipes, Introducing their debut album “Greetings from London”

Men Fatale

Melodic indie punk metal 

Brand new band formed of four queer vegan misfits. Drawing comparisons ranging from System Of A Down to PJ Harvey, Men Fatale’s sound is politically and emotionally charged, a mix of folk, pop and hard rock with strong melodies and dark lyrical content.

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