Cowley Reading Group – “Veganism is a consumer activity”

11th April 2019 @ 18:00 – 19:30

Hello bookworms

We’ve broken the pattern – shock horror! Our next session won’t be on the first Thursday of the month, but the following week, on:

Thursday 11th April, 6pm
at the Cowley Club Library.
(till 7.30, over cups of tea)

Sorry for the inconvenience; we’ll be back to normal for the following one.

Our text is Veganism is a Consumer Activity by Peter Gelderloos, written in 2008. Here’s Pat on why he chose it:

“The topic of veganism and animal rights is a bit different from what we’ve been talking about recently, but I thought given the ongoing attention that vegan activists are getting, it would be a very relevant (and perhaps controversial) choice.

“Like much of Gelderloos’ work, it is very polemic. In it, while he recognises the importance of a vegan diet on an individual level, he criticises moralist vegans as being narrow-minded to the point of being racist and for not having a wider theory on social change. Anyway, that’s what I reckon the gist of it is. Y’all should read it yourself and make your own minds up and bring your ideas to the next RG session.”

Hope to see you there.